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    15 Meals = $140 +tax / Individual Meals = $10/each +tax
    *We do require a minimum of 5 meals on all orders.
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  • Scotch egg
    "Performance Paleo" crunchy slaw with chicken with creamy mango jalapeño dressing(cold dish)
    Pork pot roast with cauli-mash
    Maple bacon pork loin with roasted carrots
    Chicken stuffed bell pepper topped with grass fed cheese with Cauliflower rice

  • Apple chicken sausage scramble
    Chicken and (coconut)gravy with cauliflower mash
    "The Frugal Paleo cookbook" roasted French countryside chicken with roasted veggies
    Roasted onion,mushroom Chicken with sautéed broccoli
    Asian BBQ pork cauliflower Rice bowl with steamed carrots and broccoli

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  • Plantain Chips $4
    Insulated Tote & Ice Pack $8.57