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    15 Meals = $140 +tax / Individual Meals = $10/each +tax
    *We do require a minimum of 5 meals on all orders.
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  • Texan hash with over easy eggs topped with avocado jalapeno sauce
    Chicken tenders with sweet potato fries
    Pulled pork stuffed bellpepper topped with cheese with roasted spicy carrots
    Orange sesame chicken with steamed broccoli
    Chicken enchilada zucchini casserole topped with cheese

  • Sweet potato and bacon hash with scrambled eggs
    Beef and broccoli with Cauliflower rice
    Hamburger steak with sweet potato mash
    Pork and plantain Thai curry with cauliflower rice
    Bunless bacon jalapeno burger with zucchini tater tots

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  • Plantain Chips $4
    Insulated Tote & Ice Pack $8.57
    The granilla bar (Sunbutter brownie) $6
    The Granilla bar (Maple fruit bar) $6
    The Granilla bar (Dark chocolate honey bar) $6